The UK’s football is too popular to bankrupt

Football is no longer a matter of winning or losing (or drawing), but it is about a business where the economy, social, and environment also play a role. At a time when the UK economy is experiencing a crisis, record-breaking record for the transfer of players even rifer this year. Justification, the Premier League teams can spend 1.2 billion pounds in a single transfer window is the result of sponsors, income television broadcasts are very high, and many other factors. Meanwhile, don’t forget to check out the latest Arsenal transfer news as well.

The Premier League sells television broadcasting rights with a record 8.4 billion pounds for the next three years. No wonder even in Asia, a bit difficult to watch the Premier League if not subscribe to certain cable television whose price is also high.

This is indeed a very interesting business. How not, because teams, players, or broadcasters do not experience any loss even though the price of broadcasting rights to be high. When consumers can not afford to pay for the Premier League, consumers will usually blame their cable company, not broadcasters, not their favorite teams either.

In 2009, when evaluated as a normal business, the Premier League is predicted to go bankrupt in just two years, meaning it is in 2011. Seven years have passed and the situation has not changed.