Manuka Honey Press Side Effects of Chemotherapy for Patients with Cancer

The patients with cancer can take advantage of beekeeping products or Manuka honey for cancer patients is efficacious to minimize the side effects of chemotherapy they live. Products derived from bees, namely honey is useful for cancer, one of which is to help strengthen the body’s antibodies and defense systems.

Chemotherapy is a conventional cancer treatment, which in fact often cannot overcome cancer, especially cancer in the body that is difficult to reach in total. In addition, chemotherapy also causes negative effects on the body, because it participates in the radiation of body cells that are still healthy. This is where manuka honey plays a role. The main role of manuka honey is to increase the patient’s immune system and localize the cancer cells, so the cells are not easily spread and will be more easily removed. Because it is natural, honey is not toxic, so it is safer for the patient’s body. By consuming manuka honey, chemotherapy patients will not experience excessive side effects, such as hair that is too fall out and endurance is too weak.

In addition, manuka honey can also inhibit the multiplication of existing cancer cells in the body, so that its rapid development can slow down. By eating manuka honey, the cancer-killing immune system can also increase, so it is not too weak.

Honey is not a drug at random. In addition to being consumed since centuries ago, honey is safe to eat, also delicious to enjoy an affordable price. Honey is a sweet liquid made using raw materials of nectar from flowers or parts of plants and processed naturally by bee nest. Nectar is a sweet liquid rich in sugar that is produced by flowers from plants in bloom to attract the arrival of pollinating animals like insects. Honey is stored in cells to feed the bee colony in winter. In his lifetime, a worker bee collects enough nectar to produce about seven grams of honey.

For medicinal purposes, it is recommended to consume one hundred grams of honey a day and a maximum of two hundred grams. With a condition, in a day is not allowed to consume sugar at all. Excessive consumption of honey is suspected to cause type II diabetes mellitus.