Pay attention to the images and links on your website

Proper placement of images is also a good content writing tips, in addition to adding aesthetics in the article image placement is also good for SEO. Google can not read images so from that we help by pairing alt image. ALT image is a substitute word that describes what the image is. Aside from that, if you’re looking for a reliable SEO company, just visit and you’ll find one which can help you professionally.

In addition, Links should also be considered. In making the content continuity of links is important. In making articles should be related to each other. Anchor text was made varied.

Inbound links are a key in SEO ON Page, in addition to good SEO link placement will also help the reader get more detailed information about what he needs.

it seems for now enough to come here for tips on writing quality content, hopefully, can help and increase your insight into making a quality contest.