Don’t be afraid to fly with airplanes

According to data from the Aviation Safety Network, for 40 years, the number of plane crashes declined sharply every decade. Even statistically as reported by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration in 2008, land accidents took more casualties than plane crashes with a ratio of 1: 1.2 million. So, in conclusion, driving a car, motorcycle, and train is still much more dangerous than traveling by plane. That’s why it’s obvious that safety of penerbangan indonesia ratio is a lot higher than the other means of transportation.

Turbulence is a Reasonable Thing

Turbulence is a state when the aircraft is in an unstable state or has random movements in each time causing passengers to feel the shock. This is the condition that might make you panic while on the plane. However, you must know that turbulence is normal.

The principle of turbulence is the same as you ride a car and must drive on a sharp bump or the road condition that is still not so smooth.

Air Circulation on Airplanes Does not Make You Sick

Many say that air circulation in the plane is bad until it can cause dizziness and even nausea. It’s totally wrong! FYI, the air inside the plane has filtered more than 90% to eradicate the bacteria. But, if you still feel unwell, this means because of the influence of virus or bacteria left in the plane. Understandably, every time, the plane carrying over hundreds of passengers who may be sick while flying. Therefore, it is still recommended that you take supplements, drink plenty of mineral water along the way, and wash your hands with a hand sanitizer.