5 Excellent tips for taking care of your carpet

In order for your home carpet is always clean and durable, the following five tips carpet care you can do. Aside from that, you can also visit spotlesscarpet.info/ and call the trusted carpet cleaning service in your city or town.

1. A synthetic or handmade rug from natural ingredients is recommended to be cleaned daily with a vacuum cleaner. Dry in the sun once a month while being hit with a broomstick or a bed robe.

2. If the carpet is not used for a long time, roll it in plastic and insert silica gel.

3. For the synthetic carpet, if there is a stain that invites insects, just use a high-suction fiber cloth that has been dampened with dishwashing liquid soap. Paste the fabric on the stain without the need to rub so the stain does not spread. Dry with a hairdryer or aired.

4. For stains that smell less unpleasant, after cleaned and dried can be sprinkled with baking soda. Tap-pat to evenly to the bottom of the carpet. For stains on the woolen carpet, use white vinegar mixed with cold water. Rub gently.

5. For the handmade carpets keep always in a dry area. Never wash it with detergent and brush as it will ruin the carpet yarn. To be durable and safe, take it to a carpet washer.

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