Basics of lighting in photography

How can we make use of a lighting device that will be used to aid the emergence of images in the camera’s recording system? This light will determine the quality of the image by calculation in the form of intensity, or the power of light itself. Aside from that, if you love to take your own selfies, just visit and check out the recommended phone accessories for improving the quality of your photos.


Influenced by several things:

Loud light, so affect the shadow
Angle of light
Color of light
COLOR TEMPERATURE (Color temperature)

Tungsten 3600 ° K colors are caused to yellowish (YELLOWISH)

Fluorescent 4200 ° K color due to greenishness (GREENISH)

Daylight 5600 ° K color caused by bluish tendency (BLUISH)

So to find the exact color we need the conversion between the light source with the type of raw material this can be done by using FILTER CONVERSION or in camera techniques used WHITE BALANCE.