Choosing a dress for the fruit-shaped body

Noteworthy is not the color, style, or pieces, but the shape of our own body. If 2 people with different body shapes are tested to wear a dress the same, then the look of both will be different. If you choose the wrong dress, then it is unlikely that your style will be the laughing matter of all party visitors, for example. In fact, in the most extreme cases, it could be the reason men keep the distance from women because of feel. Yuck! You do not want this to happen to you, right? Meanwhile, you should check out Floral Maxi Dress as well.

Then, how do I determine whether a dress suits us or not? Here we share tips on choosing a dress according to body shape that you can make a benchmark before choosing your own dress of your dreams.

Tips to choose a dress according to the pear body shape

For women with the pear shape, the dress that suits them is a dress whose length should not exceed 10cm above the knee.

Choose a dress with a subordinate form to intersect A.

Appropriately worn dress should be slim. Do not choose a dress with a subordinate type inflated or bubbled. You want to show your slim body shape, so avoid dressing like a tutu.

Instead of one piece dress, women with pear shape will be more suited to wearing two pieces dress that consists of a superior and a separate subordinate.

For the color of the boss, choose a bright color, while for subordinates, you can choose dark colors. Pear-stomach women usually have different upper and lower body sizes.

Tips on choosing a dress according to the shape of an apple body

If you have an apple body shape, then you definitely want to give the illusion of legs that ladder and longer than your big hips. To hide it, then you can rely on the dress with a model falling from the waist down to the ankle.

Prioritize dress with closed shoulder section to give the illusion of shoulder wider and erect. In this way, the center of attention of the people will no longer be on your lower body.

Avoid sleeveless dress. Choose a dress with a swollen sleeve with a length of 3/4 or full covering up to the hand.